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TIW-Dissecting Elena: Chapters 21 & 22
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 06, 2009 1:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Mhoram knew he was going to be highlord at some point. I dont know if he knew 'why' he would be Highlord or what would happen to Elena, but when TC asked why he wasnt Highlord (Dont they appreciate you around here?') and Mhoram said something like...' My turn's coming'
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PostPosted: Fri May 20, 2016 11:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

In chapter 21 of TIW was wrote:
She did not answer aloud. Instead, she turned toward him. Tears streaked her cheeks. She was silhouetted against the darkening vista of Trothgard as she stepped up to him, slipped her arms about his neck, and kissed him.

He gasped, and her breath was snatched into his lungs. He was stunned. A black mist filled his sight as her lips caressed his.

Then for a moment he lost control. He repulsed her as if her breath carried infection. Crying, "Bastard!" he swung, backhanded her face with all his force.

The blow staggered her.

He pounced after her. His fingers clawed her blanket, tore it from her shoulders.

But his violence did not daunt her. She caught her balance, did not flinch or recoil. She made no effort to cover herself. With her head high, she held herself erect and calm; naked, she stood before him as if she were invulnerable.

It was Covenant who flinched. He quailed away from her as if she appalled him. "Haven't I committed enough crimes?" he panted hoarsely. "Aren't you satisfied?"

Her answer seemed to spring clean and clear out of the strange otherness of her gaze. "You cannot ravish me, Thomas Covenant. There is no crime here. I am willing. I have chosen you."

"Don't!" he groaned. "Don't say that!" He flung his arms about his chest as if to conceal a hole in his armor. "You're just trying to give me gifts again. You're trying to bribe me."

"No. I have chosen you. I wish to share life with you."

"Don't!" he repeated. "You don't know what you're doing. Don't you understand how desperately I-I-?"

But he could not say the words, need you. He choked on them. He wanted her, wanted what she offered him more than anything. But he could not say it. A passion more fundamental than desire restrained him.

She made no move toward him, but her voice reached out. "How can my love harm you?"

"Hellfire!" In frustration, he spread his arms wide like a man baring an ugly secret. "I'm a leper! Don't you see that?" But he knew immediately that she did not see, could not because she lacked the knowledge or bitterness to perceive the thing he called leprosy. He hurried to try to explain before she stepped closer to him and he was lost. "Look. Look!" He pointed at his chest with one accusing finger. "Don't you understand what I'm afraid of? Don't you comprehend the danger here? I'm afraid I'll become another Kevin! First I'll start loving you, and then I'll learn how to use the wild magic or whatever, and then Foul will trap me into despair, and then I'll be destroyed. Everything will be destroyed. That's been his plan all along. Once I start loving you or the Land or anything, he can just sit back and laugh! Bloody hell, Elena! Don't you see it?"

Now she moved. When she was within arm's reach, she stopped, and stretched out her hand. With the tips of her fingers, she touched his forehead as if to smooth away the darkness there. "Ah, Thomas Covenant," she breathed gently, "I cannot bear to see you frown so. Do not fear, beloved. You will not suffer Kevin Landwaster's fate. I will preserve you."

At her touch, something within him broke. The pure tenderness of her gesture overcame him. But it was not his restraint which broke; it was his frustration. An answering tenderness washed through him. He could see her mother in her, and at the sight he suddenly perceived that it was not anger which made him violent toward her, not anger which so darkened his love, but rather grief and self-despite. The hurt he had done her mother was only a complex way of hurting himself--an expression of his leprosy. He did not have to repeat that act.

This is one of those scenes from the First Chronicles I can never forget. Two things struck me about this passage. The first is that this is the most noble act that Thomas Covenant has done so far, to admit his worry and concern about not wanting to be the cause of destruction in the Land, and to be honest with himself about the cause of his violent moments and to deny his unhealthy lust for Elena.

The second thing is that Elena is always overconfident about what she can do for others and the Land, in how she can handle problems and challenges. It is simply not within her ability to guarantee Covenant won't become another Kevin, yet here she is promising she will prevent it from happening.
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