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A Dark And Hungry God Arises Group Read

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Cord Hurn
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 02, 2019 7:01 am    Post subject: A Dark And Hungry God Arises Group Read Reply with quote

I'd like to announce my idea that we should have a group read of the third gap book, The Gap Into Power: A Dark And Hungry God Arises (ADAHGA), starting in early 2020.

This post will likely be edited many times, because I've put up the chapter list to see if there is interest to help in dissecting the earlier chapters of ADAHGA, and will be adding information as we figure out who is doing what, and what scheduling we decide on. In time, if we can get this rolling well, I hope to include tentative posting dates for the chapter dissection threads. Two such threads have already been written by me back in 2014, and I thought I would simply add fresh posts to bump them up rather than re-write them.

ADAHGA is the Gap book where I feel the story REALLY gets going, and in many interesting directions. It deserves a group read, and I hope to hear what chapters any volunteers would prefer to do. Please feel free to respond in this thread, if you're interested in being a part of this project.

(Spoiler warning: This thread contains spoiler information in the form of chapter summaries, so if you haven't read the Gap as far as the third book, A Dark and Hungry God Arises, I urge you to exit this thread.)

For anybody who does want to do chapter dissections, I request that volunteer dissectors do not discuss anything about the Gap story that takes place after the chapter that is the thread topic, in terms of revealing coming plot details, unless such details are enclosed within spoiler tags.

The Gap Into Power: A Dark And Hungry God Arises

1. Holt (Posted by Cord Hurn on July 26, 2014)
2. Warden [1]
3. Milos [1]
4. Ancillary Documentation/Billingate
5. Davies [1]
6. Nick [1]
7. Nick [2]
8. Nick [3]
9. Milos [2]
10. Ancillary Documentation/United Mining Companies: A Brief History
11. Warden [2] (Posted by Cord Hurn on August 8, 2014)
12. Ancillary Documentation/United Mining Companies: A Brief History (continued)
13. Morn [1]
14. Angus [1]
15. Angus [2]
16. Angus [3]
17. Nick [4]
18. Davies [2]
19. Ancillary Documentation/Governing Council For Earth And Space
20. Min [1]
21. Min [2]
22. Ancillary Documentation/Transcript Of A Commissioning Address Delivered By Warden Dios To Cadets Of The United Mining Companies Police Academy On The Occasion Of Their First Assignment
23. Liete [1]
24. Mikka
25. Angus [4]
26. Davies [3]
27. Angus [5]
28. Sorus
29. Milos [3]
30. Ancillary Documentation/Warden Dios: Extracts From The Private Journals Of Hashi Lebwohl, Director, Data Acquisition, United Mining Companies Police (Requested by Lefdmae Deemalr Effaeldm)
31. Godsen
32. Min [3]
33. Ancillary Documentation/Guttergangs
34. Nick [5]
35. Angus [6]
36. Liete [2]
37. Angus [7]
38. Liete [3]
39. Angus [8]
40. Morn [2]
41. Liete [4]
42. Morn [3]
43. Angus [9]
44. Warden [3]

ADAHGA 1 - Holt
12 pages
Leading post made by Cord Hurn on July 26, 2014
Holt Fasner, the CEO of United Mining Companies, visits his mother Norna. Norna is kept alive well beyond her years by being hooked up to life support machines. Though Norna wishes Holt ill, Holt still values her advice. This time she advises Holt that Warden is using the escape of Angus Thermopyle and Milos Taverner to Billingate and the theft of the gap scout ship Trumpet to get Holt into trouble.

ADAHGA 2 - Warden [1]
7 pages
Warden Dios and Min Donner watch the departure of Trumpet from UMCPHQ. Min protests that Morn Hyland doesn't deserve to be abandoned, and that she, Min, should be the one to shut down Billingate. Warden tells Min that only Angus and Milos matter; Morn doesn't. Warden asks Min who on the Governing Council supports the UMCP while opposing the parent company UMC. When Min tells him it's Captain Sixten Vertigus, Warden asks her to have him introduce a bill to sever the UMCP from the UMC.

ADAHGA 3 - Milos [1]
6 pages
On board Trumpet with Angus piloting, Milos is feeling that he's been humiliated and controlled by the UMCP. He hates being chosen to blow up Billingate. He expects that Warden and Hashi Lebwohl want him to be trapped on Thanatos Minor when it destructs while Angus escapes. As they go into the Gap, Milos plans to use his command ability over Angus to humiliate him.

ADAHGA 4 - Ancillary Documentation /Billingate
4 pages
The installation Billingate on the planetoid Thanatos Minor is the best-defended bootleg shipyard in the galaxy. Its main defense is the Amnion warships that usually remain near it, though the ships of human illegals will also defend the installation. Pirates would go to Billingate to sell ore, buy ships, obtain repairs, and enjoy many debased forms of entertainment. A human called "the Bill" rules this shipyard with the backing of the Amnion. The UMCP is prevented by treaty from entering forbidden space and destroying Billingate, which the Amnion would most certainly consider an act of war against them. And so the official position of the United Mining Companies and Warden Dios is that the costs of war with the Amnion would be much more than the benefits of eliminating piracy.

ADAHGA 5 - Davies [1]
13 pages
Davies is hurtling through space in an ejection pod, expecting to be collected by the Amnion of Tranquil Hegemony, to be studied as a genetic specimen by them until they decide to turn him into one of them. Davies notices that his pod is now veering away from Tranquil Hegemony, and moving toward Thanatos Minor. He correctly reasons that Morn changed his pod's trajectory, and his monitors shortly thereafter show that his pod is decelerating to a safe speed for docking onto an installation or to be collected by a space ship. He soon sees a ship from the planetoid moving to intercept his pod, and after the pod has been collected, he is ordered out at gunpoint by a guard. In a cold docking bay, he gets questioned by a tall long-faced man with greasy hair and crooked teeth, and by a woman who appears handsomely mature with some gray hair. These two establish that Davies is the son of Morn Hyland and Angus Thermopyle, and that he's been force-grown by the Amnion on Enablement.

ADAHGA 6 - Nick [1]
11 pages
On the bridge of his ship Captain's Fancy, Nick Succorso is awaiting Billingate's instructions on where to dock. He is informed that he must dock in a place reserved for visitors, and that the Amnion have revoked the value of his credit-jack. His data first Sib Mackern informs Nick that the ship that collected Davies' pod is called Soar and is captained by someone named Sorus Chatelaine. Nick meets the Bill, that tall long-faced man with greasy hair and crooked teeth, in a secured control room within Billingate. The Bill's previous companion, the handsomely mature gray-haired woman, shows up shortly during Nick's negotiations with the Bill. The Bill introduces her to Nick as Sorus Chatelaine, and Nick recognizes her as the woman who cut his cheeks. And she recognizes Nick as her victim from years ago.

ADAHGA 7 - Nick [2]
16 pages
Nick feels hope at hearing from Sorus that Milos is coming to Billingate. He excuses himself to head back to his ship. Once aboard, Nick is informed by his command second Mikka Vasaczk that Tranquil Hegemony wants to speak with him. Mikka reacts with angry disbelief when Nick tells her and command third Liete Corregio that Captain Sorus Chatelaine of Soar is the woman who cut his face years ago, and that he's vowed revenge for that. Nick refrains from punishing Mikka because he sees Liete's absolute loyalty for him glowing from her face. For the second time, Amnion emissary Marc Vestabule board Nick's ship for negotiations Marc tells Nick to fulfill his agreements, and demands he turn over Morn. Marc further insists that Nick has only a day to bargain with the Bill to obtain Davies for the Amnion. Liete escorts Marc off the ship, and Mikka, Sib, and Vector object to Nick that they don't like giving Morn to the Amnion. Nick tells them he has no choice.

ADAHGA 8 - Nick [3]
14 pages
In his quarters, Nick hides Morn's id tag and her zone implant control in a safe, after swallowing a mutagen immunity drug capsule. Via intercom, Mikka tells Nick that Morn is able to walk, though groggy. Nick tells Mikka to meet him at the airlock, where he'll take Morn to the amnion section of Billingate. Nick takes Morn from Mikka at the airlock, and tells Mikka to put together a raiding party. Nick then walks More through Billingate towards the Amnion. Morn doesn't give Nick the satisfaction of seeing her afraid. Marc Vestabule and two guards greet Nick, and Nick turns Morn over to one of the guards, who takes her away, deeper inside the Amnion compound. Marc asks Nick why he really came to Enablement Station. Nick won't admit it's because he'd fallen in love with Morn and wanted to gratify her by giving her a force-grown son she could keep. Instead, he tells Marc he went to Enablement to ensure the job he did for the cops the last time he visited Enablement turned out bad. Marc tells Nick his answer is unsatisfactory, and Nick walks away from him back to his ship. One insides Captain's Fancy, he heads to his cabin and asks Liete via intercom to join him.

ADAHGA 9 - Milos [2]
11 pages
Milos and Angus arrive in Trumpet tp Thanatos Minor. The Operations employee at Billingate is suspicious of them because Trumpet is on record as a UMCP ship, and demands to know how Angus escaped lock-up on Com-Mine. Angus admits getting a life sentence for stealing station supplies on Com-Mine, and then states that Milos was assigned to interrogate him. Angus further reveals to Billingate Operations that Milos and Nick framed him, the UMCP requisitioned Angus and Milos, and that Milos arranged to break them out of UMCPHQ before his part in Angus' framing was discovered. When Operations asks how they will pay for their stay, Milos states he has a safe account and gives the information for verification. Operations soon tells them they can dock, and Angus tells Milos it's because the Bill is too curious to discover what relationship they have to the plans of Nick and the Amnion to send them away. As Angus is programming helm to follow Operations' docking instructions, Milos tells him to stop and listen. Milos tells Angus he loathes him and loathes acting like his subordinate. Then he commands Angus to lick his body clean. When Angus is finished with that, Milos orders Angus to allow him unrestricted access to ship communications.

ADAHGA 10 - Ancillary Documentation /United Mining Companies: A Brief History
4 pages
The reason the UMC became such a controlling force in human affairs is that it had great economic muscle. When Dr. Juanita Estevez discovered the gap drive on SpaceLab Station, SpaceLab's owners were sovereign enough that no government could control its products. SpaceLab Inc. becomes Sagittarius Exploration (SagEx), and the new corporation SagEx discovers an ore-rich asteroid field which can be reached only by using the gap drive. But SagEx hasn't the corporate resources to take advantage of its find, so Space Mines Inc. starts a partnership with SagEx to mine this asteroid field. SMI gained enough power to be a major force in exploring and developing space. SMI acquired Intertech after that company was devastated by the Humanity Riots, and used InterTech's resources to help capitalize on the opportunity of trade with the Amnion, Earth's governments re-chartered SMI as the United Mining Companies, and gave it the mission of developing trade with the Amnion.. This is the UMC's public history.

ADAHGA 11 - Warden [2]
32 pages
Leading post made by Cord Hurn on August 8, 2014
The Governing Council for Earth and Space (GCES) demands Warden hold a video conference with them to discuss Milos aiding Angus in escape from UMCPHQ. Warden and Hashi submit to questioning by GCES president Abrim Len, by other Council members, and by investigator Maxim Igensard. Hashi explains that the Preempt Act gave UMCP authority to investigate corruption on Com-Mine, and that led him to requisitioning Angus and Milos to UMCPHQ. Maxim demands to know what kind of use were the police making out of Morn Hyland. Hashi replies that she was given to Nick for his protection while they were sending Nick on a mission to Billingate with supposed mutagen immunity pills. Min gets progressively angrier with Hashi as he justifies his use of Morn to Maxim by saying it's in the cause of doing damage to the forces that weaken humanity against the Amnion. Min is ready to leap for Hashi on-camera as he states Morn was for Nick as something to sell if he was trapped or caught with fake immunity drugs. Maxim calls Hashi's behavior vile, and Warden declares the questioning finished, stating "we don't deserve insults from small men with big titles." Warden feels that parting shot of a remark will ensure that the GCES will keep investigating the UMCP. Warden says they can arrange another occasion to discuss this after President Len teaches Maxim better manners. Warden orders the video downlink with GCES severed. Godsen protests to Warden that he's made the UMCP look like garbage. Warden returns that they've put Milos in a position where he can go only one direction if he chooses to betray them, and that Angus' programming has him watching for that. Min wants to know from Warden if all that was said about Morn was true. Warden confirms this, and Min objects that now that they've got Angus as they're cyborg, they don't need Nick. And because they don't need Nick, Min further argues, Angus should have been programmed to rescue Morn. Warden states that Morn and Nick had "irretrievably compromised" by their trip to Enablement. Hashi wheezes that he hopes Angus can destroy them. Min storms out of the room, Warden orders Godsen to leave, and Hashi volunteers to leave so he can rest from the conference ordeal. Alone, Warden reflects that he himself has now been irretrievably compromised.

ADAHGA 12 - Ancillary Documentation/United Mining Companies: A Brief History (Continued)
4 pages
The UMC's private history is tied to the ambition and genius of Holt Fasner and Warden Dios. Holt spent over a century building Space Mines Inc from an small ore smelter operation to a major player in the exploration and development of space. His policy of bold exploration, his luck at being in the right place at the right time, his ruthlessness in doing what it took to extend SMI's power until it had a monopoly on legal dealings with the Amnion, all served him well in his pursuit of greater influence in the galaxy. To counter the imperialistic threat of the Amnion, Holt strengthened the UMCP. Holt's UMCP director Warden had no normal bonds with other people, family or otherwise, growing up orphaned among guttergangs and violence. Warden reportedly had idealism that the police should be there to impose beneficial order upon destructive chaos, to protect the weak and vulnerable from harm and to protect society from internal and external threats. Warden is the one responsible for seeing that the UMCP grows to become the most powerful division of the UMC. Many came to consider Warden more dangerous than his boss Holt, because he came to be seen as more crucial to humankind's survival than Holt. Any useful study of the UMC had to take into consideration both the public and private histories involved with this organization.
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 03, 2019 4:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sure, put me down for a couple chapters. No particular preference, let anybody else pick what they want and I'll take some of what's left.

It's easy to judge. It's more difficult to understand.

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Cord Hurn
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Joined: 28 Oct 2013
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 04, 2019 11:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Avatar wrote:
Sure, put me down for a couple chapters. No particular preference, let anybody else pick what they want and I'll take some of what's left.


I appreciate that, Avatar. Cool I'm interested in seeing what chapter preferences volunteers have.

[Anybody reading this thread that wants to join in on creating chapter analysis threads for ADAHGA, please post in this thread about what chapter(s) you would like!] Reading
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 04, 2019 11:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you very much, Cord Hurn!

Early 2020 sounds good, not sure yet, busy with lots of things, but I think should be more capable of finding some time then.

So apart from the already assigned chapter, I should be able to take some other or a few, without special preferences which.
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