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Empires - Empire Creation Rules

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 09, 2008 12:24 pm    Post subject: Empires - Empire Creation Rules Reply with quote

Creating Empires
There are a number of steps in creating an alien species or empire. First, the fundamental nature of the race must be determined. That is, their physiology. There are wide ranges of different physiologies, any of which can be applied to whatever design a player has in mind. Each race, apart from humans, has a strength and a weakness.

Aquatic organisms: Higher income at start and high cost to starships.
Avians: Competent with naval battles and weak at ground invasions.
Energy-based organisms: Cheap starships although have a poorer starting economy.
Gas Giant organisms: High cost to starships and fast space movement.
Humans: No benefit or weakness.
Insects: High income and poor at ground invasions.
Machines: Very high income, colonies are more expensive.
Plant: Very cheap colonies, and more expensive warships.
Reptilians: Competent at ground invasions with low income.
Silicon-based organisms: Very low population growth, high morale and research bonus.
Unique: The gamesmaster will determine the strength and weakness with the player.

The next step is to determine the government that dominates the empire. This will never change unless a revolution occurs (random or deliberate event). Like physiology, each type has a strength and a weakness.

Artificial Intelligence Masters: improved income and cheaper starships.
Capitalist: Very high income and high research costs.
Communist: Very high income, colonies are very expensive.
Democracy: High income but wars are costly.
The Herd: Excellent at ground invasions and have a lower income.
Hive Mind:High income but has a creativity limitation.
Imperial: Cheaper costs of war with weak income
Monarchy: Very high starting economy, cheaper armies but research is very expensive.
Oligarchy:More expensive colonies and cheaper research.
Socialist:War is costly but they have a better economy.
Theocracy: Competent at ground invasions, but research is very expensive.
Totalitarian:Lower income, but have cheap (although effective) counter-espionage.

Next, the player may select one of the following traits that help further define (enrich) his or her alien race/empire. For each trait selected, the player must also select one of the following flaws. It is also possible to select more than one trait as long as more than one flaw is selected. Players are also free to select the same trait/flaw more than once (however, if it is marked by an asterix, the trait/flaw can only be selected once).

No empire can have more than two traits and two flaws.

Advanced Manufacturing Processes* - Starships cost less.
Aggressive - Superior ground invaders.
Brilliant tacticians* - superior naval attackers.
Cosmopolitan - Cheaper trade routes.
Defensive - Improved defense for armies.
Efficient - Bonus to economy.
Expansionist* - Establishing a colony is cheaper.
Explorer* - Starships are faster.
Governor - Increased income from a planet.
Intelligent - Research is cheaper.
Iron Wall - Superior counter-espionage.
Military Hero A character can lead a fleet or army, improving its attack, defense and movement.
Nationalist Propaganda Bureau* - Cost of war is cheaper.
Psychic - Quicker to react.
Sensors - Defensive bonus for Fleets in starting sector.
Slavers - Bonus income.
Stealthily - Superior at spying.
The Swarm* - Cheaper fighters.
Technological mastery* - One free (random) level I technology.
Traders - Higher income.
Wealthy - More money at start of game.

Aggressive - Wars are more expensive.
Corruption - Income is reduced.
Fanatics - Weak income.
Fragile Hulls* - Starship Hulls weakened.
Isolationists - Only one trade route per empire allowed.
Monolithic Civil Service All purchases costs more (note that this counts as two flaws).
Peaceful - Limited number of fleets.
Poor- Less money at start of game.
Resource poor - Starships cost more to build.
Slow - Starships move slowly.
Technocrats The population suffers due to upper-class exclusivity of technology (note that this counts as two flaws).
Technological inferiority - Research costs more.
Weak - Poor ground invasions.
Xenophobic - No trade allowed (counts as two flaws).
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