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Heart of God: Introduction

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 08, 2012 4:24 pm    Post subject: Heart of God: Introduction Reply with quote


In the ancient time, God ruled the earth. His will shaped the land and seas; His law ruled its denizens. No power was outside of His grasp. For what must have been countless ages, reality bowed to His will.

No true records remain of that time, for time itself was subject to God's whim. All that can be said with certainty is that it came to an end.

It is impossible, but it is a truth known to all: God is dead.


The mortals who had once lived in fear and awe of His will now came to dominate their world, spreading out across its newly-stable surface. Magic had died with God, and no glimmer of true miracle was seen. There were rumours, always, that God's power still lived, hidden, somewhere in the earth, and though some brave few adventured to find it, those who returned did so empty handed.

It was only many centuries later that something changed.

Among a few small enclaves of scattered humanity, there persisted some element of ancient faith - old rituals that lacked a target for their offerings, prayers whispered with no-one to answer them.

Slowly, inexorably, this misplaced faith began to gather around idols, representations of men or women or animals that the tribes had found to replace their absent god. As time went by, the people forgot that these were only symbols with no true magic in them. And so the idols forgot this too.

This is how magic was reborn in the world: An act of drawn out forgetfulness, a sham of meaning become meaning itself. The idols became aware of themselves, and of the power the people had given them, and they began to rule. They learned the world and their place in it, and they learned, too, the tale: Once there was God.

If the people would have their idols be gods, the idols shall wish it also. And so it is that they hungered.

These newly born godlings sent out their faithful from their homes in search of that ancient rumour, that last remnant of God on Earth. And, miraculously - for miracles, too, had returned to this world - they came upon something that had never before been found upon the earth.

At the earth's very centre, in a land hidden from mortal eyes since the beginning of the age, lies the City of Angels. At its centre, the Temple of Light. And within that most glorious of edifices there lies the unliving heart of God Himself.

The idols in their turn came upon this land, the eyes of their people lighting on the City, and in their jury-rigged souls they knew: whoever possesses the heart of God will gain all his lost power.

All they need do is enter the Temple of Light, and God will be reborn.

But nothing is ever so simple.
Inspiration Struck.

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