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Empires - Xenopaedia
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2007 7:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Message received................

Sent,3 years,5 months,19 days and 2 hours ago...........

Sender, research vessel Halo's watch............

Message follows................


I, Sir Heinrick Ipplemen, commander of the research ship, Halo's hope, would like to inform you that we are alive and well. Our kind host, Intellect Far'quesh has made sure we are kept healthy and well fed.

He has managed to learn our language almost in its entirety. He has been asking us many questions about our race and other races we may have encountered.

In return, he has told us alot about The Vishal. What follows is a transcript of a audio monologue he recorded for me, about the history of his race.

History: Kar'vesh was once a seabound planet, completely covered in deep green oceans. Then something happened. It was before the time of the race of Vishal and nothing is known of the reasons for The Great Turning, but suffice to say the level of the ocean rapidly dropped.

We have no idea how long this was going on before the first walker. But the day that the walker left the ocean and walked on land would be the turning point in the history of life on Kar'vesh.

Soon others followed and the descendants of the Vishal walked the earth, making crude societies and adapting to land life. The land was a barren wasteland, growing as the years rolled by, covered in nothing but the broken brown rock of the ocean floor and the twisted pearl white of dead coral. It was from these materials that the first community hall was a built, a three sided prism with stepped sides, standing some hundred meters high. This was primitive when compared to our great tall standing, smooth standing communities, but was a testament to the times or growth.

Soon, something that would change the way we live and grow would occur. A young male, called Sho'Avour was born. From a young age he had a knack for leading the people, placing people to do what was best for them. The strongest warriors would be dedicated soldiers, living in their own Prism hall, and the Vishal that were the best at building, at maintaining the pools full of Lenk Fish that we use for food, would live together, and the greatest minds would all be kept together to expand and grow. Sho'Avour knew that the world they inhabited would one day die, leaving his people and descendants homeless. He decided the race must be united and adapt

With their dedicated army, that first community crushed all opposing tribes in the area. They all migrated to the first community which grew into the city of De'Adra. Soon the whole community was split into its various factions, and a law was passed, stating that from that day forward, those factions would have to breed amongst themselves, to make their blood stronger and more prepared for the job at hand.

But while the community grew, a new threat come form the south. Another race of land walkers, call the Gre'Moacti were on the warpath. A reptilian race, they had been following the sea as it migrated across the world, till their land had joined our own. They had not adapted well to the new land and with no sea to fish from, they decided the Vishal would be their new diet.

The more savage Vishal villages that had not yet seen the path of enlightenment all suffered harshly under the attacks of the Gre'Moacti. They all ran to De'Adra for aid. At first, Sho'Avour turned them all away, but once they agreed to contribute to the Path of Enlightenment and all work towards the Great Goal, he then sent his armies to vanish the Gre'Moacti from the land. The war was fierce, but eventually The Vishal triumphed.

Sho'Avour then set about the task of reorganizing the race of the Vishal. His mate gave birth to a pair of healthy young ones, that soon showed Sho'Avours gift of leadership. Once old enough, he sent each one off with their own community to lead and found new cities. Even after his death, his descendants had his gift, all from that day forward being known as The Guides, who all of the Vishal would follow without question. All of the guides were united in the vision of giving the Vishal the best possible future they could.

With the dedicated castes in their society, the Vishal grew quickly. The workers would construct magnificent prisms for the communities to live in while the great armies would exterminate the remains of Gre'Moacti still found from time to tide in the newly formed land and on new continents joined to their own. And the Intellects would constantly work on new technologies and equipment. With the constant directions from the Guides, the Vishal were soon a majestic race.

But they knew their planet would not last forever. The Intellects had calculated that they only had so many centuries left before their planet would be completely dry. While technology could possibly sustain them longer, it would not be the ideal place for the race to grow. So they turned their eyes to the stars.

The guides ordered for massive Space craft to be built, in the hope of finding other inhabited planets. They also ordered the army to up in production and training of new soldiers. They knew that in a galaxy so large ,other races would exist, and they would possible be as aggressive as the Gre'Moacti. Also, they all accepted that if need be, they would fight for a new home world. The race would survive no mater what.End of monologue.

He has shown me the race. It has four Castes. It has the soldiers, troops dedicated to fighting and dying for the cause. It has workers, massive dark skinned strong Vishal, living a life of labour for the good of the race. The intellects, like Far'quesh himself. And the guides, leaders of these peoples. We are yet to see one with our own eyes. However, we hear that they are truly beautiful beings.

They live in large cities, with each caste being kept in its own community. They live in giant prisms, in fact, all buildings are prisms. Farquesh explains how the prism represents the Vishal race, with each point being a caste, each bottom point being one of the three main castes, and the top point being the guides that direct them along the true path. Together they live as one strong unit, being able to over come and withstand anything that stops them.

These creatures truly love their race and all accept that they are part of something bigger, no piece being more important than the race as a whole. They are all unified under the one banner. A truly successful race. Living in peace, but prepared for war.

They have offered us a chance to live here, and work towards the greater goal with them. Living in harmony with their society. We are considering it. This is a truly beautiful place, and a great race.

I, Sir Heinrick Ipplemen, commander of the research ship Halo's hope, now signs out for now. I hope you find the unity and peace these peoples have.

Transmission ends................
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 20, 2007 12:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

From "Children of the Exile", by E'maenn of the T'lesir

New T'lesir: a planet which means death for most of the flesh races, steeped in lethal radiations and endless particle waves, but a jewel in the eyes of the enigmatic T'lesir, a plentiful land for a race born out of similar atomic winds.
The surface of New T'lesir is far different from the world the T'lesir once called home; it is broken and uneven, and undoubtly, a visitor from the flesh races would judge it barren and lifeless. No vegetation can survive the lethal radioactivity of the planet, and the only kind of indigenous life consists of radioresistant micro-organisms swimming placidly in pools of iodine isotopes. When the T'lesir first landed on this world, after Nemesis had destroyed their homeworld and the Great Exile had begun, they were amazed at how unlikely it was for another planet to be wholly radioactive, as it had been on the world where the race had been born. And yet, no T'lesir scientist ever found evidence that New T'lesir's radioactivity had an artificial origin.
Nevertheless, despite the differences in landscapes, New T'lesir became home to the weary wanderers of space; their glowing conglomerates landed on the world and dispersed through the atmosphere, and saw the beauty inherent in the new world. The very air, saturated by isotopes and charged particles, was perfect for the T'lesir to operate their technology, nourish themselves, and produce awe-inspiring works of art. The world was hot, but the T'lesir fed on the heat, and came to regard New T'lesir as a gift from the Greater Skyfire that led them in their wanderings.
As the T'lesir slowly colonized the new world, the most ancient and wisest of the species gathered together, forming what would be known as the T'lesir Core: a council of the most enlightened minds of T'lesirkind, serving as a ruling body for its people. Attuned to T'lesir both old and young, gifted with great intellects and experience, the T'lesir Core allowed the T'lesir to establish their presence on the new world in an efficient manner, quickly rebuilding a powerful industry and allowing the race to rise again from the ashes of its wandering.
It was then, when the T'lesir could finally stand once more before the Greater Skyfire, that the strange artifact of the Galactic Column Bank appeared in the sky, far from the radioactive atmosphere of New T'lesir. The T'lesir Core, in its wisdom, split off a small conglomerate to inquire as to the intentions of the strange artifact's inhabitants; what they learned changed the course of T'lesir history forever. The GalCol gave the T'lesir the means to expand further, overcoming the threat of extinction that had loomed so close during their wandering, giving them the framework for a greater empire to rise from the ashes of the old; but it also gave them the means to contact other races and civilizations in the galaxy, allowing the T'lesir to marvel at the aberrant patterns evolution had taken on other worlds, where flesh and not energy had become the dominant life form. Indeed, the T'lesir discovered to their amazement that, amidst all the races in the galaxy, their status as energy beings was unique; many among the T'lesir saw this as confirmation of the gifts of Lesser Skyfire to her children...
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2007 1:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

A brief treatise on the religious beliefs, hypocrisy, and practices of the civilised inhabitants Utara-Mikud, transmitted by Mercuse di Montressor, former professor of Anthropology, University of Bologna. Whereabouts now unknown.

Sirs, having for some time paid a keen interest in the religious beliefs and customs of the Erkirithi-Sha, I feel I may be able to provide you with a brief discussion of their sense of spiritualism. I trust you will not hold the brevity of my account against its capacity for intellectual satisfaction.

As I had initially observed, the Erkirithi-Sha, unlike their primitive cousins, are atheistic. They have no conception of an after-life, though they have a belief in what we would term a soul. This, however, is assumed to be extinct once an Erkirithi dies. Indeed, when I explained to them the common human idea of continuous life beyond death, and our own conception of a soul, they were at first dumbfounded and greatly confused that any species could believe such nonsense. I believe that, after then, those Erkirithi I were familiar with considered me either stupid or insane.

However, there lies a contradiction at the heart of their civilisation. In the past, the species worshipped a variety of atavistic and animistic spirits. Presumably, this was an off-shoot of their earlier tribal existence. Having industrialised and embraced science with a whole-hearted fervour, the Erkirithi-Sha rid themselves of any worship of spirits, gods and ancestors. Discussion of this element of their history only leads to them telling a foreigner that their rejection of religion was a sign of their sociological evolution. Nonetheless, there exists the worship of the Emperor, and the large and powerful caste of Priest-Surgeons.

Several centuries or more ago, the Erkirithi enshrined their emperor as a kind of god. They have been sustaining his lifespan through surgery and other medicines ever since. His prolonged existence, therefore, is a sign of his divinity to the species. Nevertheless, the Erkirithi are careful to stress that this is a manufactured divinity. The emperor is often referred to as the Great Assisted-Divine. This seems a contradiction. How can a species profess their atheism and, yet, worship their emperor as if he were a god?

The truth lies in the fact that the Erkirithi reject primitive conceptions of destiny or predestination. They believe that the only fate is one which a living creature makes for itself. Therefore, they have made their own god. The god is wise and divine, they believe, only because they have made it so.

The emperor is never seen by the public. Instead, the palace is attended by the priest-surgeons, mysterious and cult-like scientists, whose sole purpose is to ensure the continued existence of the emperor. Periodically, healthy specimens are secured, and organs are harvested for transplant to the emperor. The emperor, having undergone so much surgery, is no longer able to be understood by the general public. Instead, the priests interpret readings from his brain waves, as if they were an oracle or augury, and inform the government of the emperorís will.

The High Priest is the Hierophant. This individual is known by no other name, and is seen only very rarely. There have been some suggestions by proscribed Erkirithi philosophers, and a few agitators, that the Hierophant only interprets the commands of the emperor (who, they argue, is no longer sane or intelligible in any respect) to his own predilections. Therefore, the Hierophant is the effective head of the species, applying subtle directives to the government, and ruling from behind the throne. This is not an orthodox view, and instant exile or execution is almost always incurred by anyone who makes these views public.

Whatever the truth, the symbol of the emperor is one of the cornerstones of Erkirithi society. Judging by accounts of their history, the Erkirithi have been becoming increasingly more extreme in their form of nationalism. Political assassination is becoming commonplace, and though assassins are often executed, plotters receive light punishments. The emperor is the figure most commonly invoked by the assassin. When a politician or public figure is murdered, the assassins invoke the name of the Great Assisted-Divine, and claim they killed because their victim was going against the imperative of the emperor.

"To promote the Empire of the Erkirithi-Sha, through science, and through the Assisted-Divinity of the Everlasting Emperor; to advance and to evolve always forward, throwing off the mawkish sentimentality of lesser beings; to suffer no imposition; and to accept no destiny but that which we make. These were the aims of The Servants of The Emperor, and these are the aims of all true Erkirithi. Long shall prevail the will of the Emperor" - the last words of Ukule-Thaid, convicted of the assassination of Chairman Kleth, 432nd cycle.
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2007 12:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ovvello Conclave History:

Before the stars were within reach, before the conclave was even formed. The denizens of the planet were split into two groups, the intelligent and arrogant Hateph Commune and the numerous and strong Boden Alliance. The Boden were not one individual race, rather a collective of the ground dwelling races. For there is only two in the eyes of the Hateph, the ground dwellers, and themselves.

The war was not going well for the Commune, and were slowly being driven back on all fronts, when the war started things were different, but in their arrogance they faced extinction.

In the center of the Hateph empire sat a colossal range of mountains, so high that the ground dwellers couldnt climb, so high, their peaks broke the top of the clouds. It was here where the Commune were driven to, here they retreated up high, hidden from the Alliance.

To successfully mask their presence, one last ditch battle was fought, nearly half the population of the Commune took to the field, each warrior shouting "We all fight or die here!" successfully filling the mind of the Alliance that this was indeed, the last of the commune, and indeed, they had been wiped out.

Staying in the mountains, the Hateph rebuilt, and slowly, they accpeted their loss. Soon, their buildings broke the clouds, their civilisation reaching the constant brightness above. As their new empire began to expand, conflict was again inevitable with the ground dwellers, who had since the long war, disbanded the Alliance.

The ground races were slow to react, seeing no enemy to fight, the dissapearing of settlements close to the ranges were not uncommon, after the disbanding, they had little need to communicate between themselves, why should some settlements not saying a word be a concern? This continued for some years. The Ovvello Conclave settling in each mountainous region it came across, and the buildings upon those mountains joining the first, and breaking the clouds, froming the pillars for their cities.

This time, war was fought differently, rather than conquering the lesser ground races by force, if they wanted to grow and flourish, they would have to become part of the Conclave to do so, else they will be left physically and technologically inferior.

Since then, the majority of the ground races have joined, some small pockets of resistance exist, but are of no threat. The ground dwellers now referred to as the Erde Caste while the sky beings the Ciel Caste. The Erde caste are still considered inferior, but are essential for the ocnclave to exist. They make up the lower class population, the technology slow to reach them as it flows down the the social groups. However, there are minimal cases of mistreating them or overt displays of showing how weak they are, they stay on the ground, while the Ciel caste live in their cities in and above the clouds. More rarely, if a member of the Erde caste prove himself worthy enough of a being, he or she may be invited to live above, there are no recorded cases of this offer being refused, yet what makes someone worthy is unknown.

Militarily, the Conclave reserve the ships and fliers to Ciel caste, while the Erde class make up the ground warriors. Supporting the Castes strengths. This is the cuase of some friction between the castes, but should it be broken, the offending party(ies) would be banished from the Conclave, and become noone, so incidents are rare.

As a governemt, the Conclave is directed by the royal family, and their court of advisors and minor leader bodies. Their Queen has proven to be a strong leader, and served well as a tactician and warrior on the front lines, the populace accept her rule with no disputes. Her daughter is also showing much the same qualities, and is currently serving her time in the military. As a result many are very confident they can face anything ahead. So the Ovvello Conclave continue to flourish, under the Rule of their Queen, Eisa Sereri.

Homeword: Sopra

The planet itself isnt terribly unique, a green world with numerous mountain ranges, about 50-50 ocean to land. The only distinguishing feature would be how high one of the mountain ranges reach, where the conclave was born. It has several mountains piercing the highest clouds themselves, and as such, is the cradle for the civilisation. The capital resides here, being the first city above the clouds.
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