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VoB - People of Note

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 11, 2009 3:30 pm    Post subject: VoB - People of Note Reply with quote

This is a thread for NPCs to be stored. Please keep it clear of player characters.
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Joined: 17 Jul 2007
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 11, 2009 4:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Expedition

Luthor Holtz
"To break ones back in pursuit of wealth is lowly. To break the backs of others in doing so is business."
Position: Noble in charge of the Mining Expedition.
Age: 42
Nationality: Strassburgian.

Luthor Holtz is a man of repute in Strassburg. Born of a noble family of small fortune he has clawed his way up the ranks of high society through a mix of financial brilliance and sheer determination. Being the sort of man who takes a few gold franks and turns them into hundreds through all sorts of investments, he has become popular amongst the more lazy nobles wanting to see their own wealth grow for little work of their own. Of course, Luthor did got get where he is by being kind, and often it is the common folk who suffer in his efforts for wealth. But such things are acceptable costs to such a man.

Being such a key investor it is of little surprise to find him as the public face for the few wealthy men behind the expedition, who meet in dark smoky rooms to plot their plans of wealth. From day one it has been Luthor who has managed and ran the expedition, gathering the work force and doing the planning. Such a trip can not be cheap and it is no doubt some very powerful and rich men have sunk a lot of funds into its success, all of which weighs on Luthors shoulders.

Dieter Reinmann
Position: Aide and personal guard of Luthor Holtz.
Age: Unknown but appears to be around 40
Nationality: Unknown

Any rise skyward upon the backs of others is bound to earn you enemies, and Luthor Holtz is no exception. Quite where he met Dieter is unknown, for he returned from a business trip abroad with him in tow. Not much is known about Dieter, for he does not speak, having lost the ability to do so to a nasty wound on his throat. All that is known is that he is closer to Holtz than his own shadow, and seems to be fiercely loyal, a characteristic that sees himself very well paid.

Shorn Shuldtz
"Orders are orders. To disobey an order is akin to cursing Solarias himself."
Position: Head of Security and Holts right hand man.
Age: 32
Nationality: Valinian.

Son of a captain of the Valinian army, Shorn was well raised and educated. By the age of twelve he was well travelled and had began training in the martial ways. However, once of man age he shocked his father by becoming a sword for hire. Over the next decade he saw action all over Alinia and soon had a loyal following of men behind him, many of which owe him their lives. Tired of war he decided to offer his services to smaller more private operations that often resulted in greater profits for lower risk.

Shorn and his men have been in the service of Holtz for several years, being on a semi permanent retainer. When ever the noble needs anything to be done, it is Shorn he sends to do it. While he lacks the refinement of more business like men, he has the unbending will to see any and all orders followed to the letter. As such the sight of Shorn is feared throughout Strassburg by many a poor man who owes rent to Holtz.

Jean-Jacques Théry
"War is cold. It is a blessing and a curse for it to be the only thing a man is skilled in."
Position: Sergeant of Shorns Men.
Nationality: Gustan

Jean is an oddity in his field. He is sullen and quiet, idealistic in his ways towards other humans. Yet is a swordsman of unequal. The quiet young man is far from fond of war, but is able to see where he is talented and has catered his career as such. The son of a farmer he had pulled himself up through society to a position of reasonable respect and wealth for someone of low birth.

Jean has only served with Shorn some 3 years, but rose quickly through his ranks due to his under lying intelligence and natural ability for strategy. He has proven himself to be nearly indispensable to the mercenary captain and his men, although this has gained him his fair share of mistrust and dislike from some of the longer serving members of the group.

Erich Karow
"It is nothing personal comrade... and besides, a little bloodshed builds character..."
Position: Sergeant of Shorns men, work driver.
Nationality: Strassburgian
Age: 36

Where Shorn is Holts right hand, Erich is the whip within that hand. It is Erich that prepares the men, it is he who drags people owing money or work to Holtz feet. Whenever assigned to a work party it will be Erich who ensures that the every last drop of effort is squeezed from the workforce.

A man of war, Erich has served with Shorn from the start. He is seen by many of the older men to be Shorns right hand man, and he despises Jean for taking this position from him. He looks with barely hidden contempt upon the quiet man, thinking him to be nothing but weak. A fierce man feared by any who need to work under his gaze.


Shorns personal pet of seven years. Never seen far from his side.

Fabian Rossetto
"Oh its all rather simple really, just sign here, here and here and it shall all be in order."
Position: Quartermaster
Nationality: Balorian
Age: 33

Fabian is a man of the scroll more than anything else, for his vast bulk and weak will means he cannot partake in toil or war. Most at home amongst his books and abacuses he is the sort of man who will have you sign your life away and then manage your income. A penny pincher of massive proportions he is perfectly suited for the role of quartermaster and accountant for Holtz. He is never out of sight from the paychest, which contains all of the wealth of the expedition, everyone's contracts and anything else of extreme wealth.

Giraud-Louis Théry
"The road ahead is winding, yet its the only way. I must suggest that you hold on."
Position: Head Coachman
Nationality: Gustan
Age: 24

Giraud is a man known to get any shipment to a location on time every time. Whilst not a man of violence he is none the less courageous, taking roads that many others shun in order to gain the utmost time on his shipments. Given the position due to his brother Jean's influence on the expedition, Giraud is responsible for the logistics of the venture, planning and organising all travel and transport.

Like his brother Giraud is a open and honest man, who will always do what he feels is best. Unlike his brother however he is not forlorn with his station in life, enjoying his career and the freedom it brings him. The bond between the brothers is strong and Jean is very protective of his young brother.
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