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VoB - Locations

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 15, 2009 3:34 pm    Post subject: VoB - Locations Reply with quote


1, Bluttenburg Pass.

Climbing high through the treacherous Bluttenburg mountains, this pass is the only reliable land route into Svalsing from the west. This narrow track winding its way along the fang like mountains is far from ideal, often bordered by sheer drops on one side and steep mountain wall on the other, offering little to no protection from the dangerously fast changing weather.

This pass is often snowed in over winter and becomes closed for many long periods of time. At its centre, on a plateau along the path, stands a fortified tower garrisoned by the Strassburg Guard, marking the border into Svalsing.

2, Old North Road.

Crossing rolling foot hills and sweeping farm like plains, the old north road is often flanked by forest as it descends into the plains of the valley floor. Barely used by the local folk, it is a relic of Svalsings past before the Nissian invaders conquered it many years ago. Occasionally along its length a traveller would stumble a small farming community although these get more and more rare as one nears the mighty Bluttenburgs.

3, Bluttenburg Mountains, West.

This particular arm of the Bluttenburgs marks the western most border of Svalsing. Like sharp teeth striking skyward they are a imposing wall of impassable rock along the valleys length. Inhospitable and feral, the flanks of the mountains are covered in large pine forests full of all manner of beasts and plant life. Many a man has met his end in this unforgiving terrain.

4, Curgesing River.

The life line of Svalsing, this wide stumbling river is the primary source of travel along the length of the small valley locked nation. Starting off as small streams and rivers in the Bluttenburg mountains, it gradually becomes a massive and deceptively fast flowing river that spews forth unto the sea.

Much trade plies the waters of this river, with any goods going from place to place mostly being transported by barge. The river banks are also home to many small fishing hamlets, extracting a small living from the rivers bulk. It is of little surprise that with so much activity along its length that the river has taken the lives of many a person, being the largest cause of unnatural death in Svalsing, many of its victims being pulled in on fishing nets found far down river or never being seen again.

5 The Nissian Plain.

The large plain drew its name from its origin, having been cleared in a torch and burn by the Nissian occupiers some two centuries ago. This allowed farms to spread west away from Sinnestadt , which many farmers rely on for their living, with scattered villages whos entire existence is owed to the trade of live stock.

As one gets further away from the city they come across less cultivated lands, which give way to to long rolling plains that lead right up to forest foothills of the Bluttenburg mountains. Little life is found here, bar the occasional goat herd or other such roaming packs.

6 Sinestadt

The capital of Svalsing, this old city straddles the Curgesing river. Many consider the people here to be a people apart from the rest of the nation, with the Nissians influence showing heavily here and no where else in the nation. Dull and grey, with heavy Gothic architecture dominating the majority of the city, it can be a depressing place to exist.

More details on Sinestadt below.

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Joined: 17 Jul 2007
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 16, 2009 1:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote



A: Old North Road

Here the old north road enters the city, where its packed earth road turns to pave stones. Along this path a lot of traffic from the farms of plains travel on their way to the vendors of the city or the barges of the river. The road leads right up to the ferry before giving way to the Curgesing Road that heads south.

B: The West Bank.

Along this bank runs the poorer side of the city. Around the ferry crossing there is the straight streets characteristic of Nissian construction, with tight 3 story high apartments lined side by side down the streets, with a family or more to each few roomed floor. Here the lower class of Sinestadt live, mostly sustaining themselves by working on the docks or in the warehouses of the area.

South of these streets is a small Church of Solarias which has been seeing fewer and fewer attendants of late. This Church has a shrine to Lunarion standing over a small cemetery.

Past this is the warehouses and docks of the west bank, mostly used for the storing and transport of livestock to the southern towns.

C: The Ferry Crossing.

At the narrowest point of the river is the cable ferry, the only safe crossing point for many miles. Here flat decked ferry crosses some two hundred yards of surging flow. Tethered to each bank by chains, the ferry is pulled along this length of iron.

An elderly ferryman by the name of Jurgan and his sons operate the ferry, which closes at night, although he is known to put across the occasional ferry at night for the right amount of gold. Prices for livestock are 5 pennies a leg whilst lone travellers tend to be charged a shilling.

D: Curgesing River

The mighty Curgesing cuts through Sinestadt. Ranging in width from a few hundred yards to over half a mile, it sees the traffic of many barges and boats, heading up and down the rivers length. The current of this river seems slow but is powerful and deceptively fast. It is a very unwise man who chooses to enter its flowing length.

E:The Town Square Market.

Here, at the very centre of old town, sits the Town Square Market. Here any manner of things are available for purchase at its many stalls and vendors.

Surrounding the circular town centre are tall Gothic stone buildings, and streets that all stretch away from the market like the rays of a sun on one side, and the mighty curgesing and the ferry crossing on the other.

Yet at night the vendors stalls are silent, with only the drunken revellers or others whos business keeps them up at late hours crossing this place.

F: Old Town

Old town is a sprawling collection of old stone buildings and twisting back streets. Dissected by 4 primary streets, old town is shaped like the wedges of quarter of a giant orange. Here the middle classes of the city live. Its many vendors, merchants, doctors, alchemists and any number of other tradesmen and their families.

Here, children can be seen running through the maze like alleys, whilst men go about their business and woman see to their daily chores. Whilst few here are rich most are fed and housed, and people are generally happy, though still weary of outsiders, as is customary of those from Svalsing.

With some patience and luck, one could find most services for offer here.

G: The Old Town Temple

Here, a large Temple to Solarias stands looking down upon the market. This temple sees to the needs of the vast populace of old town, providing the services typical of Solarias places of worship. Unlike many other temples around Svalsing, this one still sees many people attending it on a regular basis, although there has been a noticeable drop since the Nissians withdrew from the nation.

H: The Mastiffs End.

This massive Alehouse and Inn is unique in Svalsing, for it would be far more at home in the streets of a Fellish city than here in the east. built several hundred years ago by a man whos family had moved to Svalsing from Fellum, it provides many rooms for travellers to rent, as well as much beer brewed on site. When the Nissian invaders came to Svalsing, the old Fellish man took his family and fled, but the bar stayed.

A burly Barkeep by the name of Branko runs the Inn, with his wife and daughters helping him serve the people. Rooms here aren't cheap, but are the only real option to people from out of town lacking relatives to stay with in Svalsing.

I: Town Hall

This massive stone building looks out across the market and towards the river. Here the people meet when required, the crimes of men are trialled and punished and much of the day to day running of the city is taken care of.

J: Dockyard Rows

Here are many long rows of housing, built by the Nissians to house people they brought to the region for working purposes. When their efforts to expand and grow Svalsing failed, the terraced houses were put ofer to cheap housing, providing lower class families a place to live with more security than the Slums or the West bank.

The rows of housing tend to consist of very similar buildings, all dull grey with brown or red roofing, standing on average three stories high, with a famiy to each level. Living conditions are cramped, with everyone being aware of their neighbours business. There is considerable theft and other petty crimes here, although it is far safer to the housing over the river. Many workers for the dockyards and cheaper market stalls live here. There is also a small church to Solarias here.

K: Warehouse district

The warehouse district is exactly what it says in the name. Here you will find massive warehouses that take care of housing anything and everything that one would expect to find going up and down the river which is valuable enough to warrant the increased safety of storage on the eastern side of the river. The warehouses tend to hold more product brought into the city rather than leaving it, with little demand for goods in the smaller towns down river.

Also in the area is the eastern docks, which are more organised than their counterparts across the Curgesing. In this dock one can find the typical barges found in the other, but also transport boats for passengers, though few in number. Around the area there are all sorts of tradesmen etc that are required to keep the boats operating up and down the river, as well as small bars and whorehouses for the boatmen.

L: The Estates.

North of old town one can find the oldest mightiest estates overlooking the river. Here, fenced off from the masses, lives the oldest wealthiest families of Svalsing in massive mansions. Each house often has its own small army of servants, guards etc. Only the richest and most affluent could even dream of living here, with many who do being able to draw their lines back to ancient kings and lords, however distantly.

M: The Sinestadt cathedral.

The Sinestadt Cathedral is the largest most elegant place of Solarias on the eastern side of the Bluttenburgs for many miles. Built by the Nissians as a place to inspire the awe of the god, it helped bring the people of Sinestadt to the light of Solarias.

Used primarily by wealthy and noble families of Sinestadt and its highest officials, it is place to be seen to worship. Massive and grand, it is a true work of beauty and craftsmanship. Surround its epic bulk is a large cemetery where the dead of the best families from all over Svalsing can sleep under the watching gaze of the large Lunarion shrine on the Cathedrals grounds.

N: Sinestadt Garrison.

The large ordered barracks rooms here provide the place of residence for the many men serving within the Sinestadt Garrison, who provide military and domestic security to the peoples of Svalsing. On these grounds troops can be found training or on parade. This is the primary base of operations for all of Svalsings military.

O: Valesia Estate

Originally built to house the Nissian governors and their retinues, this massive property now houses the Valesia family and its retainers. Since the fall of the Nissian Empire the Valesia family has been the elected Rulers of Svalsing (Although it should be noted that elections only take place amongst the higher classes within Sinestadt and selected noble families outside.) This massive property is simple breath taking to those who see it, which is few as the estate is fully fenced off and patroled by Svalsing militia guards.

P: Noble district.

So named due to it being the place of residence for the majority of the cities upper classes, those that cannot afford to live within the Estates anyway. Here many self made merchants and petty nobility live in large town houses near the city gate. Peaceful and quiet this region sees alot of militia patrols to keep its streets safe and clear of any wrong doing, but one can never be sure of what goes on behind closed doors...

Q: Temple of Lunarion.

The only dedicated temple to the mood goddess within the city, this large cathedral to the dead is a quiet place, having no regular worshipers other than the sisters who see to its tasks and duties. The primary purpose of the temple is to provide a place for the people of Sinestadt to provide proper ceremony and burial to their loved ones. The cemetary here is the largest in the entire country, and it is carefully guarded and protected. Also, a very large statue of the moon goddess her self stands guard over the entire burial ground.

R: City Wall

This giant granite wall was built to keep out the invaders from the Nissian empire, but was only ever completed on the east side of the river, ultimately providing little defence to the outnumbered defenders.

Here, a large gate stands heavily guarded as the eastern city entrance. Here there is a toll to enter, which varies depending on the greed of the local guard sergeant that day.

Along the wall are the pens and stables for livestock, primarily horses, as well as transport for the cities merchants and nobility.

S: Slums.

On the southern most part of the urban area of the western bank is the slums, here the many poor people of the city try and make out an existence through fishing and crime. The ground here is nothing but slushy mud and the buildings barely more than shacks. Completely disregarded by the militia and the ruling officials across the river this is the last place anyone of sane mind would want to find themselves after dark, with tails of desperate men resorting to dark measures being far too common.

T: Sinestadt Fields

Surrounding the eastern wall is the Sinestadt fields. Small farms of livestock, grain, flowers etc anything that can sell within the city. Running right through the middle of all this is a road built by the Nissians, which forks, one fork heading west towards the Bluttenburg mountains and the mines, and the southern fork being closed, for some unknown reason.

U: Curgesing Road

This road leads south out of the city, following the river.
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